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    Programmatically re-login

    Daniel Wachter Newbie

      hi together!

      we have a big problem with seam security!
      is it possible to make a re-login programmatically?

      the programmatically login works fine, but if i try to logout and make a re-login (with another user) i have no access to the view.
      identity.isLoggedIn() returns true, but if i try to access a page which is marked as loginRequired, seam points me to the login screen...

      what do i need to perform a re-login?

      (i do perform the login and logout with Identity.instance)

      public void reLogin(String username, String password)

      thank you for every hint!

      greetings daniel

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          Tim Evers Master

          I imagine doing


          and then in the same method trying to do


          will cause you all sorts of problems.

          The reason for this is Identity.logout() does this:


          So  you are now trying to login on an invalidated Session maybe?

          I think the more correct process here is that when a user clicks the logout button you call Identity.logout() and then redirect back to the login page. This should then cause a new Session to start that you can log in on withtout problems.

          This area is not something I know a whole lot about, but that would be where I'd start looking. :)