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    duplicate ids on Edit.xhtml page

    Frank Knoll Newbie


      when there are at least two toOne relationships for an entity A then on the entities AEdit.xhtml page there will be two buttons with the same id because of the following code in jboss-seam-2.2.0.GA/seam-gen/view/edit.xhtml.ftl:

               <div class="actionButtons">
                  <s:button id="${'#'}{${homeName}.instance.${property.name} != null ? 'changeParent' : 'selectParent'}" value="${'#'}{${homeName}.instance.${property.name} != null ? 'Change' : 'Select'} ${property.name}"
                      <f:param name="from" value="${pageName}Edit"/>

      Should 'changeParent' be replaced by 'change${parentPojo.shortName?capfirst}' and 'selectParent' by 'select${parentPojo.shortName?capfirst}' in order to make this ids unique?

      Cheers, Frank