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    Examples in Seam 2.2.0.GA DOES NOT work o.o.t.b...

    Tobias Hill Newbie

      If you download Seam 2.2.0.GA and follow the instructions in readme.txt in examples-dir and also download the server specified (JBoss 4.2.3.GA) ... not much works. The examples does not include the necessary jars for deployment to work on the jar-versions-incompatible server.

      If you add the missing jars to be included in the example dists (the ears or wars) it does work as expected. The included files will now override older versions of the jars that are located in the jboss server lib dir.

      I added this section to examples/build.xml:

      <fileset id="seam.jboss423-overrides.jar" dir="${lib.dir}">
           <include name="hibernate-annotations.jar" if="seam.jboss423-overrides.lib" />
           <include name="hibernate-common-annotations.jar" if="seam.jboss423-overrides.lib" />
           <include name="hibernate-core.jar" if="seam.jboss423-overrides.lib" />
           <include name="hibernate-entitymanager.jar" if="seam.jboss423-overrides.lib" />
           <include name="hibernate-search.jar" if="seam.jboss423-overrides.lib" />
           <include name="hibernate-validator.jar" if="seam.jboss423-overrides.lib" />
           <include name="slf4j-api.jar" if="seam.jboss423-overrides.lib" />
           <include name="slf4j-log4j12.jar" if="seam.jboss423-overrides.lib" />

      ... which I also referenced from target ear like so

      <fileset refid="seam.jboss423-overrides.jar" />

      Now it just is a matter of turning these extra jars on or off from examples/${example.name}/build.xml like this:

      <property name="seam.jboss423-overrides.lib" value="yes"/>

      (On a sidenote: I am very surprised to see this in a GA-release.)