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    Strange Behavior in Seam Bay Example

    xsa lefter Newbie

      Hi all..

      I just playing with seam bay example to try seam ws capability by creating WS client using swing in netbeans. I try AuctionService.login() and have success with it.

      But if I try to call AuctionService.listCategories(), with @Restrict annotation in it, I unable to access it although I has call AuctionService.login() method, and get Seam Security NotLoggedInException.

      So I just remove @Restrict annotation and AuctionService.listCategories() called successfully. But when I try to call another method like AuctionService.getNewAuctionDetails() I got same error (because the AuctionAction clas has been marked with @Restrict). Do I need to remove @Restrict again? If so, how to enabled the security in this stuff?

      So why this happen? There is some flow to execute @Restrict method/class successfully?

      Thanks for your help.