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    Nested conversation and usage of the same bean.

    Ilya Dyoshin Novice

      Good day community.

      I've started to use nested conversation for better user performance. almost every navigation is running from nested conversations, so user can find the whole trac to the page from the starting view.  And that performs well, as I can imagine.

      But I faced out one problem. In some cases I have the tree-like structure in database i.e. foreign key on the same table... And definitly I'm using entityHome superclass for that application using CONVERSATION scope.

      the problem appears when user need to create the element and the parent element for it.

      user originally enters the edit page, where it has the link for the same view with nested conversation (for editing parent element). when user saves the parent object and returns to the parent conversation via seam-breadcrumb the entityHome is working with the parent object, not the newly created object (as in the starting view). So in nested conversation the same entityHome is used :(

      Can someone help me with handling this stuff: i.e. how to use the same POJO in nested conversations with.


      Ilya Dyoshin.