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    Seam and EJB

    darko petreski Newbie

      Hi All,

      I need to build web application that uses distributed EJB components. They will be shared for web services, desktop application and also web.

      I like to use Seam for web presentation, but Seam uses ejbs with seam annotation.
      Can ejb beans from seam be also called from desktop application (because seam annotation) ?
      Can external ejb project be included in seam (I know that you can call external beans with InitialContext but that is not very hansom)

      Conclusion: I like the business logic to be seam independent, and to be also used from desktop and possible other presentation layer.

      The main question is:
      What is the best way to do this?


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          blabno Master

          EJBs remain EJBs and Seam just attaches itself to them. So no problem with that. If you can edit sources of that external ejb project just put @Name annotations on beans and seam.properties (can be empty) file in META-INF of ejb jar.
          If you do not like annotations or cannot edit sources, just use components.xml to turn EJBs into Seam managed components.