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    jpdl and browser back button

    Piotr Salski Newbie

      Hi all

      According to seam documantation when using jpdl pageflow the back button in browser is blocked and in order to unblock it, you should use

      <page name="core-data"

      in your jpdl.xml file. The thing is I have it not blocked all the time. I have read many topics on forums including this forum and It seams it just not working this way. Does anyone had back button blocked by default using jpdl pageflow or did it in any other way???


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          Emir Calabuch Newbie

          If you intend that you want the browser's button physically disabled or removed, this is not what Seam does (perhaps it is even impossible to do, although there are some workarounds such as opening browser pages without buttons and menus).

          The back property is intended to disallow the user from going back and resubmit data in prior screens. Going back in itself is not a problem, the problem comes when the user does something in that page he went to (such as clicking a save button again). So, when back="disabled", you can go back with the button, but if you submit an action (even Ajax) Seam will take you back to the view you were in before getting back and issues an Illegal navigation error.

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            Piotr Salski Newbie

            Of course I dont't want to physically remove browser button, maybe I'm new with seam but I'm not silly :-). And yes I have Illegal navigation error, so does it means I have to catch that error or I can somehow prevent users to go back the previous page which is in some converasation?
            Thanx in advance