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    adding dynamic  features to seam applicatoin

    Ilya Dyoshin Novice

      Good day community.

      Currently I need to implement some dynamic logic, which could be changed very often without stopping the whole application. I've created a home-grown solution for  dynamic modules created with groovy and stored in the database. It allows to save some Groovy class which implements interface, and later on Quartz or User event to fetch its from database and compile in the classpath of the application and execute methods.

      But this solution limited for using only one class. (Actually I can use inside of the groovy-class constructor  the injection via  Components.getComponent(Componentclass.class, true).

      Did anyone have used similar functionality? what do you used for that?  I'd like to know another options which are available for SEAM users.


      Ilya Dyoshin