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    Cannot update outject list under jetty

    quinten jiang Newbie
      I have outject list defined in the search bean:

      public class OperatorSearchAction implements Serializable {

      private List<OperatorModel> oprList;

      public void queryOperators() {
      oprList = ...


      And define save methods in the home bean:

      public class OperatorHomeAction implements Serializable {
      private Events events;

      public void saveMethod() {


      After successfully save a object, I try to update object list in the search bean
      via raiseTransactionSuccessEvent methods,

      They are work well under Tomcat or Jboss.

      But under Jetty, they are not. The reason is to use home bean to raise object
      list can not outject into front side, I had to use search bean to to it
      directly, then work.

      Any suggest for my code, so they also can work under Jetty?