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    Should Role.getGroups be added specifically to a certain user

    kalpana prakasam Novice
      Post user authentication the Identity.addRole method is used to add all roles assigned for a certain user.

      Given the following scenario (Role A, Role B, Role C).
      "Role A" has permissions ["A"]
      "Role B" has permissions ["B"]
      "Role C" has permissions ["C"]

      "Role A".groups contain "Role B" and "Role C"

      I was under the impression that if a user is assigned a role (e.g. "Role A") he will inherit the roles "Role B" and "Role C". But this doesn't seem to be the case, unless I specifically do
      Identity.addRole for "Role A" and the groups associated with it ("Role B" and "Role C").

      Kindly clarify