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    Problem in example given

    Rushit Desai Newbie


      I was trying out the example given in the Seam documentation. However every time my jboss server starts my one component is not getting deployed in seam

      here is the code used. I am not using any EJB ot entity manager also. Just plain old JDBC code for simplification. I am a newbie to Seam so sorry if my problem is very stupid.

      public class TestAction implements Test {

              @In @Out
              private Person person;
              private List fans;

              private EntityManager em;
             public String sayHello() throws SQLException {
                      Using plain jdbc code to get hold of list of entities.



      public interface Test
              public String sayHello() throws SQLException;

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          Leo van den berg Master


          You're saying you're not using EJB, but the code looks like a real stateless session bean to me!

          To be able to find this bean, Seam needs some additional help. I assume that you have packed this bean in a Jar for deployment and if so, it should contain a - empty - seam.properties file. Furthermore you need additional configurations in components.xml 

          There is really no need to use jdbc code, because the Entitymanager gets directly injected, assuming that there is a persistency context avalable.