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    seam checkbox behavior

    Tim McGuire Newbie

      I'm new to Seam and I'm used to checkboxes behaving like so:
      if it is checked, it sends the value, if not checked, it sends no value.

      I have a form field in a search form called patientPaid
      that I collect as a selectBooleanCheckbox and if it is not checked, I want to list all patients, paid or unpaid.
      So, I have a set of RESTRICTIONS that build my query.  For each field in my search form, if it is blank, that part of the RESTRICTIONS gets skipped and my result list is not limited by that field.  Not for selectBooleanCheckbox, however.  I either get all paid or all unpaid, depending on if the box is checked.

      How to make a checkbox behave like I am used to... or barring that, what is another way to achieve this.

      Thanks for the forum here, I've been lurking for a few weeks and learning a lot.