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    Views and seam-gen usage

    VIjay Balakrishnan Newbie


      1st time user of the posts.I have googled for this and cannot seem to find an answer.
      I am trying to reverse engineer a complex Oracle view and seam-gen doesn't generate any entities.
      I am trying to sell usage of Seam within my company and any help is appreciated. My apologies if this has been answered but I cannot seem to find the answer. I have
      googled and looked at "SEam In Action"


      table-filter match-name="SIC_CLAIMANT_VW" match-schema="SICWCC" exclude="false"/>            
      table name="SIC_CLAIMANT_VW" class="com.standard.wcc.model.SicClaimantType"....

      Huge oracle View spread out across multiple schemas and tables:

      FROM code_trunc_mvw cis_tac,test1.personname pn,cdcountrytp country,locationgroup hr_em_lg,test1.contractcompval std_ccv

      Any links or any articles explaining how to do this would be very helpful for a novice user.