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    Deploy time for development machines

    Alexandros Karypidis Novice


      While working with Seam/JBoss, cold-starting the AS on a dev machine takes much more than 30secs. Redeploying an application takes a similar amout of time (and sometimes requires an AS restart). The edit/deploy cycle makes the development experience quite cumbersome (especially in initial stages of development). My fellow developers agree that this is frustrating and the consensus is that we lose a lot of time this way.

      What is the view of the Seam community on this? Do others feel the same? What steps can be taken to speed things up during development? Are the upcoming Seam 3.0, JBossAS6 and JBossTools 3.1 better in this regard?

      One person has suggested that for our next project, we should do things in Spring style and ditch the AS for Tomcat: use Seam in WARs and bring in any missing EE features we need as libraries (e.g. bundle ActiveMQ if we need JMS, etc).