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    DB Tables displayed in a rich:dataTable and operations performed on them.

    sai burgula Novice

      I am trying to display database information in my web application.  In the sense, any user can view, update, delete data for any table via the application.  I have a rich:dataTable and each row of the table is the name of the tables in the database.

      For example consider that I have CUSTOMER and STUDENT as tables.  Then in the dataTable displayed, I will have rows which have CUSTOMER and STUDENT listed.  Upon clicking any row, the data related to that table can be viewed, and edit and delete links are provided for Edit and Delete operations respectively.

      I have used the rich:dataTable before but the case was different, in which each row of the table was of the same type.  Either a CustomerList or a StudentList for example.

      But in this case each row of the dataTable will belong to a different type.  How is it to be achieved in Seam and is there a concept of abstract class which I can form and extend all the entities from it.  So that I can refer this class for displaying in the dataTable.

      Please provide any viewpoints on this, and if any information is available, kindly do share it.

      Looking forward for a response.

      thank  you,
      Sai Burgula