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    SeamProject on Tomcat

    Marco Manetti Newbie

      Sorry, but I try all the solution proposed on Forum but my application don'run under tomcat 6.0.20. In this moment, I havent't erron on tomcat's startup, but when I call my home.seam,  my processor goes at 50%..... and the page don't come.
      Is there a good man who use tomcat? What are the steps to follow?

      Tank you for your answer.

      Bye Bye from Florence(ITALY)

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          Walter White Novice

          Hi Marco,

          I have used Seam on both Tomcat and Jetty without problem (other than my own).  If you're using Maven, take advantage of Jetty and include it into your development cycle.  It greatly speeds up development as well as helps you spot bugs much faster.

          With regards to tomcat, I will need to see your logs in the tomcat directory.  This should indicate what is going on and why your application is not running.

          It looks like there might be an exception being thrown and the server keeps redirecting to a page it cannot serve.  This is why it is important to have logging setup properly (especially with JSF 1.x).

          If there is truly nothing in your logs, then we will probably need to see your tomcat configuration as perhaps logging is not setup properly.

          Let's take it one step at a time and see the logs to go from there.

          The process I want to follow is like this:

          1. review application server logs
          2. if there is a stack trace, review it accordingly
          3. if there are no logs, check tomcat installation and configuration
          4. list all libraries in the tomcat /lib folder
          5. post web application configuration files

          6. does each jar that contains seam components have a seam.properties
          7. if possible, enable tomcat in debug mode, attach a debugger, and step through the application code while you request home.seam.  You should very quickly get an idea where the application is blowing up and why.


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            Marco Manetti Newbie

            Hello Walter. First of all thanks.
            I'm doing what I've said I'm ready when you submit all the logs.
            But the first problem I encountered to make the deployment on Tomcat is the definition of Oracle datasource. What files should be changed and how?

            Bye Marco.
            And thanks again