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    AnalyzerDef and hibernate search version

    blabno Master

      Hello !
      I need stop list for my full text search. I've read that I need to define my analyzer with @AnalyzerDef. This annotation is not present in Seam 2.1.1.GA. Is is present in newer one ? If not which libraries i need to update ? hibernate-search.jar alone does not do the trick (I'm getting ClassNotFoundException with lucene's StandardAnalyzer).

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          Sanne Grinovero Master
          sorry this is a question for the Hibernate Search forum, which I check way more often :)
          Yes you need a recent version of hibernate-search.jar, I'd suggest 3.1.1, but using @AnalyzerDef also requires the solr analyzers; please see http://docs.jboss.org/hibernate/stable/search/reference/en/html_single/
          At least solr-core and solr-common are needed, and then also the packages containing the analyzers you want to use.