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    RequestParameter issue null value

    Piotr Salski Newbie

      I'm having problem with RequestParameter passing

      <h:outputFormat value="#{SetW.who3}">
         <f:param name="pary" value="some string"/>

      my bean

      public class SetWhos {
            private String who3;
            private String pary;
            public String getWho3() 
                System.out.println("c1_" + pary);
                who3 = "My parameter" + pary;
            return who3;

      the pary variable from xhtnl is not passed to the bean, it is always null.

      Anybody knows why?

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          Piotr Salski Newbie

          Does it true that f:param works on h:commandLink and h:outputLink only. If so, how can I pass parameter to backing bean from xhtml outputtext?
          I have three values that I can display in outputtext using

          <h:outputFormat value="{0}{1}{2}{3}">
                   <f:param value="#{event.single}"/>
                   <f:param value="#{event.couple}"/>
                   <f:param value="#{event.children}"/>
                   <f:param value="#{event.groups}"/>

          but I need to format those 3 values in one string with some additional text depending on these vales. So how can I use bean from above to format outputtext

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            Piotr Salski Newbie

            I found solution :) Maybe this post will be helpfull for someone

            We need outputtext

            <h:outputText binding="#{SetW.text}" value="#{SetW.textValue}" >
                     <f:attribute name="attributename" value="#{event.city}" />
                 <f:attribute name="attributename1" value="#{event.eventname}" />

            and backing bean

            public class SetWhos {
                 private HtmlOutputText text;
                 public HtmlOutputText getText() {
                      return text;
               public String getTextValue() {
                    return (String) text.getAttributes().get("attributename") +
                    (String) text.getAttributes().get("attributename1");
                 public void setText(HtmlOutputText text) {
                      this.text = text;