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    session share

    neni ferawati Newbie

      Hi, guys!
      I want to ask how to sharing of session from examples/wiki to my application.
      I just want to konw about the coding session share. Do you know about it? Can I combine my application with seam wiki forum?
      Please help me....
      I need the answer quickly.
      Thanks before..

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          yachaa Newbie

          Hi there,

          I dont really understand what you mean by sharing session with your application.

          If you want to share some variables between different user sessions, you can communicate it via Seam bean that has Application Scope.



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            neni ferawati Newbie

            I made application use seam framework about quizioner and I want combine my application with wiki forum in examples jboss.seam. I want to make share about user management in my application and wiki in register and login part. So how to wiki's database can connect my database in application?
            I thought before that I must made forum from the begin and made forum so complicated and must have much time to made it..so I have think about share session in register and login part.
            Could you help me??