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    How to set a define inside other define

    João Cordeiro Newbie
      Hi all!

      I'm developing a web application in jboss, seam, richfaces.

      I'm using a template(xhtml) as master page of all others and there i set two insert tags. <ui:insert name="head"/> <ui:insert name="body"/>

      The problem is that in pages that use this master page as template, the <ui:define name="head">...</ui:define> must be defined inside the <ui:define name="body">...</ui:define>.

          How can i do this?

      Basically, what i want is to do the following:

          <ui:define name="body">... <ui:define name="head"> <meta name="title" content="#{something.title}" /> </ui:define> ...</ui:define>

      the master page must return : <meta name="title" content="#{something.title}" /> on the <ui:insert name="head"/>

      Thanks in advance