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    ifOutcome of End annotation deprecated

    Alfonso Vasquez Newbie

      I'm new to Seam but I'm impressed of how Seam instead of making things simpler it makes matters more complicated. I want to End a conversation just if theres a particular outcome. I was going to use ifOutcome but I saw that it was deprecated. Why deprecate this attribute, and instead making the developer use the API directly with Conversation.instance().end()? This is a HUGE violation of Seam main goal of making things simpler by fomenting declaration instead of coding. Really pissed of...

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          yachaa Newbie

          Hmmm... I may not agree with your opinion...

          Anyway, let me explain although I am not an expert and probably other people can explain to you better than me.

          Conversation.instance().end() really get the Conversation in the context, so i dont really mind the coding... quite easy and works well at least for me.

          You can also end conversation based on the output in the pages.xml or even in the jsf page using seam propagation element.

          Hope it helps.