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    hibernate-search-3.1.1.GA + seam

    Azael Espinosa Newbie

      I have a Porject created with seam-gen and when my project run in jboss throws me errors, I was told that must be implemented search-hibernate-3.1.1.GA, but not how to do it or copy files and try copying the jars in the libraries but follows the same mistake.

      I'm doing something wrong?

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          Azael Espinosa Newbie

          Environment: SQL server 2005, maven2, jboss-5.1.0.GA, jboss-seam-2.2.0.GA, seam gen reverse engineer,Ant 1.6

          The project was created by seam-gen EAR format

          Which is not the version of hibernate I have, I use the libraries contained in Seam
          I think there must be some version of Hibernate that has corrected this bug and I would love to know how to add it to my project.

          I think it's a bug, but do not know how to fix it.

          I hope I can help

          11:25:54,610 WARN JDBCExceptionReporter SQL Error: 102, SQLState: S0001
          11:25:54,610 ERROR JDBCExceptionReporter Incorrect syntax near '-'.
          11:25:54,641 SEVERE viewhandler Error Rendering View