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    System hangs intermediately

    sumit kumar Newbie

      The system hangs intermittently. What happens is that when you're requesting a page, the system shows the message (1 item remaining) ... in the bottom of the screen, along with a progress bar. This waiting loop does not seem to end (I've waited 5 minutes and more).

      The issue is not predictable. However, it happens quite often: anyone clicking around in the interface a few minutes is highly likely to come across it. Therefore I consider it reproducible. It can be overcome by clicking on another module and then navigating back to the page you wanted: when you go back a second time it usually works. But I think the issue should be solved.

      There isn't any one particular screen. It can happen on any screen. It isn't exactly predictable, but it is reproducible, because it happens fairly often. Just click around the application, go from one module to the other, perform some searches, view some entities... On every page you view, you do have to wait until it finishes loading before going to the next page. If you do this, the error is bound to occur within 5 minutes.