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    Is it possible to package war and ear separately?

    Mit Boonsanong Newbie

      We have a legacy application which packages war and ear(ejb2/ejb3) separately and are deployed under JBOSS-4.2.2.GA.

      I'm trying to use Seam for our new web app module and ideally, we still want to package war separately from ear but couldn't find any document on how to configure/do this.

      The closet I found is from My Link but since I'm pretty new to Seam, if anyone could provide a step by step guide that will much appreciate. 

      Also, is it possible to access ejb as local instead of remote? - since both war and ear will be deployed under the same JVM. A step by step exmaple will be very grateful too.

      We could put war inside ear but prefer this as a last resort. It's a big application and such change may leave us lots of testing.  Many thanks!