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    Logging dependency

    Kenny MacLeod Newbie

      I suspect this is a rather inflammatory topic, so I'll wade in with caution.

      HornetQ uses java.util.logging (JUL) as its logging API. The reasons are understandable (no dependency on another logging API), but the effects of this decision are hard to live with.

      JUL does not play nice with other logging frameworks. Yes, you can "redirect" JUL logs to the likes of log4j, but the mechanism for doing so is highly invasive, can can only be done at the JVM level. In situations that involve a multi-deployment appserver, this kind of JVM-level configuration is a really bad idea.

      In contrast, using the likes of commons-logging or slf4j makes things immeasurably easier, and works for everyone without fuss.

      Is having external dependencies such a bad thing?