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    Multiple ear files in same deployment directory not working

    Larry Strezo Newbie

      Our testing strategy employs many environments. In test alone we have 8 different environments that each connect to their own instance of Oracle. We just converted a large ASP project to Seam. In the app we selected to have a different components.properties / web.xml / application.xml / etc… used when we build the ear files. Our plan was to have our testers use the different URLs to access the same application that would then point to their database environment.
      This works beautifully when only one ear file exists. When more than one exists, and multiple people access them, the code seems to be stepping on itself confusing information from the 2 environments. Clearing breaking the application.
      For now we are standing up a couple more JBoss instances to get around the problem but machine can’t handle 8 instances of JBoss running at the same time.
      Should we have used another approach? We are new to Seam and couldn’t see any easy way of having the application connect to a different database instance at the user’s (testers) choice.

      Thanks in advance