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    Quartz Jobs

    Walter White Novice

      Hi all,

      I use Quartz for job scheduling which spawns a task that consists of many sub tasks.  When the job is created, I also create an entity representing this for auditing purposes.  The entity holds the QuartzTriggerHandle.  As I loop through the subtasks, I continually update the entity to save the state of what task is completed.

      I store this information in an entity so that I can perform some analysis / auditing later plus I have more durable persistence than typical Quartz Jobs.  After the jobs complete, the job in the quartz tables is subsequently removed so the history is gone.

      Is this a good model for what I'm trying to accomplish?  I basically want my own custom entities for auditing and performing analysis.

      If I didn't need auditing or analysis, I could just create quartz jobs for each sub task as long as the tasks didn't need to be sequential.