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    Seam2.2.0GA facesMessages.addFromResourceBundle() doesn't work with JBoss5.1.0GA

    Wang Liyu Apprentice
      It seems a bug of Seam2.2.0GA or I missed something, here is the senario:
      use seam-gen generated the dummy project, change the AuthenticatorBean.java in the hot folder:

      @In FacesMessages facesMessages;

      public boolean authenticate() {

      also change the .war/WEB-INF/classes/messages_en.properties, added new line:
      hello="this is the test messages";

      now deploy this on JBoss4.2.3GA, and goto http://localhost:8080/{projectname}/login.seam, click submit, it will show the correct messages on top of the page.

      deploy same ear on JBoss5.1.0GA, click submit on login.seam, it will show "hello" instead of the real messages.

      on JBoss4.2.3GA, even delete the jboss-app.xml from .ear/META-INF/ folder, it still works fine.
      on JBoss5.1.0GA, no matter add/delete/change to use jboss-app5.dtd, it doesn't work at all.

      Does anybody knows how to fix this?