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    AJAX is updating DB without calling my persist method

    Dowell Griffin Newbie
      I am using:

      JBoss        5.1.0
      Seam        2.2.0
      RichFaces  3.3.2.SR1
      JSF        1.2_12-b01-FCS
      EJB3       w/Seam managed persistence context

      I am seeing that when a user makes a change and then another change that causes an AJAX trip to the server that the changes are being persisted to the DB.  I understand that the setters will be called when the AJAX fires but I do not understand how this is persisted to the DB.  The result is my 'cancel edit' buttons are useless.  On the very same pages if I am careful not to make a change that causes AJAX to fire I have no problems.

      What the heck is going on?   How can Seam or JSF or whatever persist a change on its own without my code requesting it?   I can view the DB just after the AJAX fires and see the change is already in the DB.

      Suggestions?  Is there some attribute(s) that can be used on the AJAX tags that might prevent this?