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    Wiki demo didn't work with XA Transactions

    Javier Alperte Newbie


      I'm integrating the Wiki example into our solution, part of the integration is assure that the Wiki component is executing all the DB operations through the same transaction using XADatasSources (JBoss Portal Portal, jBPM, Our Application and now the Wiki).

      I'm using MySQL 5.1.37 with the 5.1.11 jConnector

      The problem happens when the Event Listeners are called for maintain the NestedSet entities. In the NestedSetOperations are being executed Bulk queries (direct updates) that are forcing the database to do commit and that's not possible when a XA Transaction is Active throwing SQLException and not performing the maintenance.

      The effect is that the Wiki Menu is not working when we try to add menu items.

      Any suggestion? what can be done in order to solve this problem? maybe load the NestedSet objects and perform the update in memory?

      By the way, congratulations, you did a great job with this wiki!