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    mariusz bogucki Newbie

      Is anybody using it? I have just instaled Jcaptcha but the  line that is supposed to invoke image acording to seam docs gives me error that states that there is no Id field on captcha class:

      <h:graphicImage value="/seam/resource/captcha?#{captcha.id}"/>

      I looked at the capthca class and in fact there is no such a method, there are : init, get/setResponse,validateResponse and renderChallange. The last one does not help either. I am using a 2.0 captha version and I dont know which version they are using in dosc.
      Does anybody know how to get that image?

      On the Jcaptha page they give path


      which does not even exist in the Jcaptha package they have in downloads.
      So anybody had any succes in usin Jcaptcha?