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    Issues with a4j:support

    Sainath Nair Newbie

      Hi guys,

      I have a Screen with two tabs

      1.Grid View
      2.Record View

      Grid View tab consists of a datatable of records
      Record View tab consists of editable records where you can insert , delete or update a record.

      According to the functionality , when we double click on a particular record in Grid View, it should navigate to the Record View with the selected record.

      I am using a4j support for navigation which works well but the issue is, it displays values which aren't managed by the entity bean i.e it displays the values in the Record View which cannot be updated or deleted.

      <a4j:support event="onRowDblClick"
                 actionListener="#{cyGroupHome.changeTab}" oncomplete="makeCyFieldProtected('')"  reRender="commonTabs">
                <f:param name="cyGroupGrpSqlidentity"

      Is there any other support event other than a4j:support? Or if I have to use a4j:support , is there a way to display managed entity in the Record View?

      Any kind of support will be highly appreciated!