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    ANNOUNCE:  Introduction to Spring Faces Part 2

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      In this second article, Jeremy Grelle continues his exploration of Spring Faces with a sample application that demonstrates the Spring-centric integration approach.  Here is an excerpt:

      The first article in this series introduced Spring Faces at a high, conceptual level. It examined how Spring Faces enables a Spring-centric approach to integration between JSF and Spring, allowing you to take advantage of the strengths of the JSF component model while retaining access to the full breadth of the de facto standard Spring programming model. It showed some of the advantages of assuming Spring Web Flow as the primary controller model for a JSF application, and began to examine the structure of the Spring Travel sample application that demonstrates the Spring-centric integration approach. In part 2, I'm going to pick up where we left off and dive into the code of the sample application to show how Spring Faces simplifies JSF development.

      Read the full article  here: http://www.jsfcentral.com/articles/intro_spring_faces_2.html

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