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    Not getting html in seam menu.xhtml

    Venkatesh K Newbie
      I have integrated seam and flex with FlamingoDS
      when i added the flex nature to seam project I get mxml in flex_src folder and the corresponding html,swf files i stored in WebContent folder where my xhtml files are there.
      In menu.xhtml I have
                       <f:facet name="label">
                       <h:panelGrid cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" columns="2"  style="vertical-align:middle">
                       <h:outputText value="Planning"/>
                  <rich:menuItem submitMode="ajax" value="Module1" onclick="document.location.href='http://localhost:8080/toms/toms.html'"/>
      and i also have many dropDownMenus
      when i click on Module1 of Planning it's directed to the page but the whole page is rendering on the browser I am not seeing the other dropdowns i.e. it's showing the html file only
      I want just like other items when click on the Module1 I need to get it on the below of toolBar
      Please help........ me