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    not holding the state when returning back to the page

    jyothi a Newbie

      i have a panel with input feilds for some i have to enter the values for some i need to select from the other page .when i select the value from other page and returning back to the page my values in the rest of the input text feilds disappear

      smthing like

      <rich:simpleTogglePanel  switchType="ajax"  >
                 <f:facet name="header">Search</f:facet>
                  <h:panelGrid columns="2"  style="text-align: right;">
                  <s:decorate template="../layout/display.xhtml">
                      <ui:define name="label">LLoyds IMO #</ui:define>
                      <h:inputText id="lloyds" value="#{imvessel.lloydsImoNumber}"/>
                  <s:decorate template="../layout/display.xhtml">
                      <ui:define name="label">Vessel Code</ui:define>
                      <h:inputText id="lloyds" value="#{imvessel.vesselCode}"/>
                  <s:decorate template="../layout/display.xhtml">
                      <ui:define name="label">Vessel Name</ui:define>
                      <h:inputText id="lloyds" value="#{imvessel.vesselName}"/>
                  <s:decorate template="../layout/display.xhtml">
                      <ui:define name="label">SCAC</ui:define>
                      <h:inputText id="lloyds" value="#{imvessel.scacCode}"/>
                      <s:link value="Select" view="/admin_configuration_transportation/IcCarrierList.xhtml">
                                  <f:param name="from1" value="transportation_ocean/ImVesselList"/>

      where i select the SCAC from other page .

                        <s:link view="/#{empty from1 ? '' : from1}.xhtml" 
                                   propagation="#{empty from1 ? 'none' : 'default'}"
                                     action="#{carrierAction.selectCarrier}"     id="voyage">
                                   <h:graphicImage value="/img/Select.png" style="border:0" length="15" width="15"/>
                                   <f:param name="scacCode" value="#{_icCarrier.scacCode}"/>

      The problem is when i return to the page after selecting the value ,The values in the rest of the feilds disappear what do i do to retain the state .