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    Radim Chlad Newbie

      How can I now set max-connections?
      In current svn trunk,
      HornetQConnectionFactory doen't have set/getMaxConnections methods
      I see they was deleted after revision 8036

      I want to prevent messages reordering (that is what I'm facing now)

      After consumer restart (while producer still generates messages)
      restarted consumer gets most up-to-date message first and then a bundle of 'buffered' messages (those producer generates while consumer was down) in correct order and then
      next messages come to consumer in correct order like producer generates them.

      I want to try to prevent messages reordering by setting
      HornetQConnectionFactory.setMaxConnections(1) on producer's side.
      But the setting seem to be no longer supported...

      (I followed documentation of 2.0Beta5, but it is probably not up-to date yet.
      Chapter 17.4. Session Multiplexing)