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    RememberMe autoLogin mode problem

    Bartek Wasko Newbie


      I am trying to setup autologin mode for RememberMe component. Configuration is done as described in seam documentation. Unfortunately I am experiencing exactly the same problems like many others before me. This is, for example, quite well described here:

      Problem with autologin

      Summing up, the quiet login works, user seems to be logged in, then Pages.redirectToLoginView() takes control again and redirects to login.
      So I would like to ask whether I did overlook something in configuration or some additional magic is required here to workaround this issue :)

      thanks for any help/hints


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          Felix Siegrist Newbie

          Hi Bartek

          I see two possible work-arounds for this problem:

          1. Replace the Pages component by your own implementation, which replaces the method isLoginRedirectRequired(String viewId, Page page) as follows:

          private boolean isLoginRedirectRequired(String viewId, Page page)
             return page.isLoginRequired() && 
                   !viewId.equals( getLoginViewId() ) && 
          private boolean isLoginRedirectRequired(String viewId, Page page)
             if (page.isLoginRequired() && !viewId.equals( getLoginViewId() ) && !Identity.instance().isLoggedIn()) {
                 if (!Identity.instance().isLoggedIn()) {
                    return true;
             return false;

          Unfortunately this method is private, so you cannot just override it :-(

          2. Add a page action to the login page, which fires a loginSuccessful event, if the user is already logged in, resulting in a call to Redirect.redirectToCapturedView().

          I chose the second approach.