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    Components in WAR archive.

    Swen Vogel Newbie


      i have create a new Seam project (testProj) with the jboss tools in Eclipse:

      1. testProj

      2. testProj-ear

      3. testProj-ejb

      4. testProj-test

      All components in the source directory of the ejb project testProj/ejbModule/...
      are create fine.

      But components from the WAR archivetestProj/src/... are not created at all.
      For example i created the following simple test class in the WAR source folder:

      public class Test {
          public void create() {
              System.out.println("testClass create() called");

      This component is not created, but when i put this component in the ejb source folder everyhing works.