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    Displaying a one-to-many relationship

    jack schlein Newbie
      Hello Seam people.  I am very new to SEAM and JSF, very excited about it. 

      I could use some help on how to do the following:

      I have a table in my db called keyword, which has a one-to-many relationship to another table called keyword_alias.  I have ran seam-gen on this and I can access the data in both.  What I need is to have 2 select lists (currently using rich:extendedDataTable).  I would like to select a keyword from the keyword extendedDataTable, and have the keywordAliases extendedDataTable update with the keywordaliases of the selected keyword.  I am not sure what other information is needed as I am so new.  Any and all help is appreciated.  Thanx.||