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    redirect page to the login page  causes Problem ?

    Narendra Shekhawat Newbie
      Hi experts,

         we are trying to implement Permission management in our application that will use relationala database to store permission.

      my question is related to redirect the permission manager page to the login page.

      first we put the "Manage Permission" link on the "home.xhtml" page with "Manage User" and "Manage Roles".

      is it possible to add link on "useradmin/home.xhtml". ??

      my second question is that both of link "Manage User" and "Manage Roles" redirect to the login page if user is not already login to the application.

      but when We click on "Manage Permission" link,  it simply display the "permissionmanager.xhtml" without asking for login.

      how can I redirect this page to the login page if user is not already logged in ?

      please help me in this regard ?

      Thanks & Regards,
      Narendra Shekhawat.