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    Non-user actor in Seam process

    Lukáš Smr�ka Newbie

      I am pretty new to Seam framework and I am interested in using of jBPM. I found very nice sentence in Seam Tutorial chapter 8. A business process is a well-defined set of tasks that must be performed by users or software systems...

      Is it possible to define a task in Seam that is not in context with user but with some other system(for instance service that makes a voip call and after 5 seconds of ringing the task is finished and process flow can continue)

      many thanks

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          bb bb Master
          Of course it is possible, with automaitized(not human tasks).

          The #{seamComponent.customAction('Initial')} will invoke this method of the Seam component.
          In this method you can make any external(voip/webservice) or internal invocation.
          And you have an option the define timer too.

               <task-node name="taskNameXYZ">
                    <event type="node-enter">
                         <action expression="#{seamComponent.customAction('Initial')}"></action>
                    <transition to="transisionToxyz"></transition>