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    Donwloading file

    George Kokkinos Newbie
      Hi all.

      I'm facing the following problem.

      I'm using seam 2.2 with richfaces 3.3.1. I'm using the following lines of code to download a file through seam:
      ttpServletResponse response = (HttpServletResponse)extCtx.getResponse();
              response.addHeader("Content-disposition", "attachment; filename=\"" + newCustomer.getFile().getFileName() +"\"");
              FileInputStream fis = null;
                      try {
                              byte[] fData = new byte[4096];
                              fis = new FileInputStream(new File(newCustomer.getFile().getFilePath() + newCustomer.getFile().getFileName()));
                              ServletOutputStream os = response.getOutputStream();
                              while(fis.read(fData, 0, 4096) != -1) {
                                      os.write(fData, 0, 4096);
                      } catch(Exception e) {
                              log.error("\nFailure : " + e.toString() + "\n");

      When I deploy my application to an enterprise application platform (v 5.0) everything works fine. When I deploy the EXACT same ear to a jboss application server 5.0.0 I get the following error:
      Failure : java.util.MissingResourceException: Can't find resource for bundle org.ajax4jsf.Messages$EmptyResourceBundle, key CREATE_STREAM_INFO

      in line:
      ServletOutputStream os = response.getOutputStream();

      I can't find anything in the web for this issue.

      I though that the problem is that the richfaces resource bundle lies in a lib inside the war of the application where the resource CREATE_STREAM_INFO can see it.

      So I thought of moving all the richfaces lib to the ear but I don't know if I'm on the right track for this issue!!

      Thank you!