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    a4j:actionparam and navigation rules

    Steph Applesauce Newbie


      I’m trying to use Seam in conjunction with RichFaces to produce a AJAXified interface with dynamic tabs. I want a wizard like behavior in some of my tabs. I have so put an a4j:outputPanel with a4j:include to include sub views.

      Now the problem. I have some button like this in myView1:

      <a4j:commandButton action="next">
          <a4j:actionParam name="from" value="myView1" />

      In myView2.pages.xml, I get this code:

      <param name="from" />
         <rule if-outcome="from">
            <render view-id="#{empty from ? 'Home' : from}.xhtml" />

      But 'from' param is always null. Is there any trick to make a4j param propagation and navigation rules compliant?

      Thanks in advance.