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    a4j:actionparam, page parameters and navigation rules

    Steph Applesauce Newbie

      I sort of double post (see http://seamframework.org/Community/A4jactionparamAndNavigationRules) but I’m here asking for a wider explanation of the page params.

      I sort of understand (thanks to this post on SO: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1601511/do-not-understand-passing-parameters-in-seam) how passing parameters through .page.xml works.

      But, can I use AjaxRequest a4j:commandbutton with a4j:actionparam and get the same thing at work because I can’t achieve it? Does I need s:link or s:button with f:param? In this last case, how could I realize a full AJAXified navigation (with a4j:include and render in
      page.xml) with working page parameters propagation?

      Thanks in advance. It’s a little clearer in my head but there are still a lot of fog.