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    a4j, render ignores instructions in *.page.xml

    Steph Applesauce Newbie


      I’m always on the same sort of question (http://seamframework.org/Community/A4jactionparamPageParametersAndNavigationRules and http://seamframework.org/Community/A4jactionparamAndNavigationRules).

      Using extensively a4j:commandButton, a4j:outputPanel and the render navigation rule in .page.xml (wizard like behavior), I am wondering how a4j is compliant with all the stuff in .page.xml. Indeed, it seems that most instruction in this file are completely ignored: login-required="true", <begin-conversation join="true" flush-mode="MANUAL"/>, <action execute="…"/> and <param name="from" /> does nothing at all.

      My question is simple: does the AJAX rendering of an inner page thanks to a4j:outputPanel and the render instruction in .page.xml is compliant with all the previously mentioned instructions? And, if yes, what is the correct way to make them trigger?

      Thanks in advance.