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    ConcurrentRequestTimeoutException: Concurrent call to conversatio n

    Kirkor Kirkorian Newbie

      I have two pages in the same conversation. in the first you put search criteria and you click search button (a4j:commandButton) and then you see the second page with a table with results. I then click the back button (a4j:commandButton) of this page which goes back to search page with onclick history.back() and click search button again without changing search criteria.
      If the search hasn't many results you can do this with no problem (search-back-search-back...)
      If the search has many results (it takes some time to show results) after some times of search-back-search-back... i have a
      org.jboss.seam.ConcurrentRequestTimeoutException: Concurrent call to conversatio
      I use Ldap for data.

      Thank you.