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    Seam Remoting - Question mark on component names?

    Ryan Kimber Newbie

      I ran into this problem last year and can't remember what I did to solve it (only that it took a long time to figure out):

      I've put a Seam Remoting call into a Facelet, but when the Interface Generator tries to find my component, it's added a question mark to the name and so can't find it. I've walked through the code and can see it indeed is looking up the name of my component with a question mark appended to it.

      Here's a snippet from my JavaScript:

      function dataPointClicked(moduleIndex, fieldName)
         alert('onPointClick(' + moduleIndex + ', ' + fieldName + ')');
         var callback = function(result) { alert('callback happened'); };
         var statsBean = Seam.Component.getInstance('myStatisticsBean');

      I do indeed have an auto-created, session-wide component name myStatisticsBean that is being used in the same page.

      Still, I get the following error:

      Component not found: [myStatisticsBean?]

      Any ideas? Thanks in advance!