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    How to get help text only when needed?

    Jon Kleiser Newbie
      In our Seam-based application, each page has a help icon that the user can click when help text for the page is needed. A click on the help icon opens up a helpPanel showing the text. The problem with our current solution is that the help text is transferred to the user's browser as a part of the page html, whether the user may need that help or not. I would prefer the help text to be retrieved by a separate request, when the user clicks the icon. Would that require much to be changed in our current solution?

      Today each <page>.xhtml has a ui:include like this:

      <ui:include src="help.xhtml">
        <ui:param name="header" value="#{header text}" />
        <ui:param name="helptext" value="#{some long text}" />

      And the help.xhtml has an anchor like this:

      <a href="#" onclick="#{rich:component('helpPanel')}.show()">...</a>
      ... and then a rich:modalPanel.