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    JSF Phases and Seam component lifecycle

    Dumitru Ciubenco Newbie


      I have some problem with Seam components, probably I don't have good understanding about Component lifecycle.
      I have the view a_view.xhtml where I'm invoking the method #{beanA.navigateToB}, navigateToB method  returns viewId as String which is mapped in the pages.xml to b_view.xhtml.
      In the b_view.xhtml I have some output #{beanB.showMessage}.

      The use case is more complex, but the idea is the same: a_view.xhtml -> #{beanA.navigateToB} -> b_view.xhtml -> #{beanB.showMessage}

      So the problem is that my beanB(which have CONVERSATION scope) have method @Create which is invoked before #{beanA.navigateToB}.
      It doesn't make sense to me because I whant to make some initializations in the navigation method#{beanA.navigateToB} before the beanB is created.

      Any help is appreciated,

      with beste regards,