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    TransactionTimeout(19327352) max. Is this a constant?

    bsgcic Newbie

      I am using the interactive debugger in Eclipse and wanted to know what the maximum possible timeout for @TransactionTimeout() was. I could not find it in the docs or googling and thus did a series of tests.  Based on the tests, the max for @TransactionTimeout() appears to be 19327352.

      Is this max setting a constant or is the maximum value based on characteristics of my project?

      If it is a constant, then it would appear that there is a bug with the identification of errors in jboss tools for Eclipse. In Eclipse, it is highlighted as an error if a value of greater than the largest value for int (i.e. 2147483647) is set for @TransactionTimeout().

      Either the maximum should be changed to 2147483647 or the error highlighting in Eclipse should start from 19327353.

      Thoughts, Comments?